Ward 9: Homeless Neighbors Association

Hello, and welcome to the website for Ward 9: Homeless Neighbors Association, a community organization in Eugene, Oregon.

We are a grassroots community organization consisting of unhoused*, formerly unhoused, and marginally housed** people (and our allies) standing up for our right to exist and survive.

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* Unhoused: Lacking basic shelter most or all nights.

** Marginally housed: Living in sub-par, “illegal”, and/or precarious shelter. e.g. A car, couch-surfing, transitional housing, or being a tenant at imminent risk of eviction.

Some of us unhoused folks choose to personally identify as homeless, and some of us prefer other words, but we share common challenges and threats to our survival regardless of the term we may use.

In our city of Eugene, we have 8 “wards” that each have a city councilor to represent them. Yet there are many of us in Eugene who are not represented: the homeless and marginally housed. Those who live on the streets, in cars, and in camps are subject to harassment and class prejudice at every turn. City Hall passes laws which discriminate against the homeless. Police and private security hassle, steal from, and unlawfully arrest the homeless. Our local news media too often demonizes, mischaracterizes, or generalizes us who are or have been homeless. We say, enough is enough, and we are organizing to stand up for ourselves and our families on the streets.

We want an end to the camping ban and other laws which discriminate against the homeless, and an end to the frequent unwarranted harassment and theft of property homeless Eugenians face at the hands of police and private security. We are demanding action from the community, City Hall, and others to end the deaths that happen on our streets due to homelessness every year.

Ward 9: Homeless Neighbors Association seeks to build connections among homeless and marginally housed people across the county so that we may be more unified to defend our rights and demand dignity and respect. Ward 9 would also like to build stronger connections and solidarity with the working poor, immigrant communities, and others who are one paycheck away from joining our family and friends on the streets.

Thank you for visiting our site, and we hope you join us in our fight for a fairer more equal Eugene and Lane County!

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Ward 9 marching in the July 2017 Eugene Parade